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Subsoccer 3

Available in September



Package includes:

Subsoccer 3, the lightest and most agile model within the Subsoccer family, is designed for pure Subsoccer excitement. Whether you’re planning indoor matches or outdoor fun in your yard, Subsoccer 3 delivers the full Subsoccer experience.

As a lightweight choice suitable for all users, Subsoccer 3 combines a featherweight build with remarkable durability, making it an excellent fit for both home and outdoor use. You can even set it up on your terrace or incorporate it as a captivating side attraction during a football tournament.

Setting up Subsoccer 3 is a breeze; it can be assembled and disassembled in a matter of minutes. While some tools may be required during the initial assembly from the factory package, subsequent disassembly can be accomplished without the need for any tools.

We’re confident that Subsoccer 3 will bring joy and laughter to every home. It’s the perfect game to keep the Subsoccer spirit alive and create memorable moments with friends and family.


Design from Finland

100% designed in Finland.

Patented structure

SUBSOCCER® is a registered trademark.
The structure of the game is patented.


Subsoccer 3 is perfect for indoor, outdoor, beach, and any place where quality is an absolute requirement.

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