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Superclub – The Football Manager Board Game

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You’re the newly appointed manager of a top flight football club. A decent club, not a great one. Certainly not a Superclub, although becoming one is the objective. The question is: Can you manage?

Superclub combines match day tactics with big picture decisions to give you football on every scale. Team selections, stadium expansions, staff hiring, scouting, player development – skills and luck – it’s all here!

Build a footballing powerhouse brick by brick over multiple seasons, all in one highly eventful game night. In short, Superclub is the complete experience of managing a football club in direct competition with the ones you love … to beat.


Build a Superclub from scratch in fierce face-to-face competition with the ones you love to beat! 👊

Switch formations based on your opponent or select your best 11 no matter what. Up to you, boss! 🤔

Scout for undervalued players. Focus on the academy. Go crazy on Deadline Day. The choice is yours! 🤑

Superclub is top-of-the-table quality time with friends, family members and other great rivals! 🥳

Expand your Superclub experience with official licensed expansions from top European clubs and league ⚽️

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