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Superclub: The Football Manager Board Game is coming to Malta!

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Manage your own team

The manager folder is where you set up your team, manage your squad and place Key staff members. You get 4 team-branded folders in Superclub. They are made from custom-ordered, soft-touch, black-core paper normally used only in high-quality cards. They are gorgeous, practical, and essential to the playing experience. *Purple utility players are not included in the base game.

Become a Superclub

Think of the main board as your league table, where you mark your points as you climb up the league. It features a double-sided design with one side in green and the other in blue. The board also has dedicated slots for cards and money etc.

Invest in the long-term future of your club

Building a Superclub requires smart investments. Invest in Training, Scouting and/or Stadium, each providing unique benefits. The club pad serves as your club’s central HQ, granting you control over your investments and finance.

Key staff and Game changers

Key Staff members can be the key to victory. These talented professionals all give you an edge in their specific fields of expertise, and you can hire up to 3 of them. Game Changer cards do what it says on the tin – they change the game, but not always in a good way.

How to play Superclub

Discover the Ultimate Football Manager Game Now!

Superclub – The Football Manager Board Game

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