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Subsoccer Custom

Subsoccer Custom

Price on Request

A customized Subsoccer is your opportunity to transform your Subsoccer table into a unique masterpiece that reflects your style, brand or team spirit. Whether you’re looking to add your company logo, choose specific colours or include personalized messages, our customization options are designed to meet your exact needs. A customized Subsoccer table isn’t just a game; it’s a conversation starter, a brand ambassador and a statement piece that leaves a lasting impression. Let your creativity run wild and let us turn your vision into reality with a customized Subsoccer table!


Design from Finland

100% designed and handcrafted in Finland.

Patented structure

SUBSOCCER® is a registered trademark. The structure of the game is patented.


Subsoccer is perfect for sports bars, game rooms, hotels and any place where quality is an absolute requirement.

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